I Am Not an Animal

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I Am Not An Animal is an animated comedy series about the only six talking animals in the world, whose cosseted existence in a vivisection unit is turned upside down when they are liberated by animal rights activists.


I am an Animation

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Air Date:

Season 1

London Calling

Julian Lovely and his group of Animal Activists breaks into Vivi-sec and sets a batch of talking animals free, led by Philip the horse, the group hijack a van, but end up crashing.

Air Date: 2004-05-10

Planet of the Men and Women

The six liberated talking animals enter the 'planet of the men and women' where they encounter wild animals & have a close shave at an army firing range.

Air Date: 2004-05-17


The animals begin to have problems with money.

Air Date: 2004-10-19

My Fair Mare

Love is in the air, but the consequences aren't pretty.

Air Date: 2004-05-31

A Star is Hatched

Stardom hails for one of the animals but how will the others react?

Air Date: 2004-06-07


As the reality show comes to an end, the animals are set free.

Air Date: 2004-06-14