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Cheaters is a weekly syndicated American hidden camera reality television series about people suspected of committing adultery, or cheating, on their partners.


Too Hot For TV

A client suspects his or her significant other is cheating and calls on CHEATERS for help. The CHEATERS private investigators, along with a camera crew, look into the matter, follow the significant other as he or she shares time with a third party in cars, bars, hotels, and record the rendezvous on tape. When the host, Joey Greco, shows the client the footage, a close up captures the client's horror. Then comes a confrontation and an unpredictable car wreck of emotion that keeps viewers tuned in until the always bitter end. CHEATERS is a guilty pleasure and viewers love this show, says the Executive Producer of CHEATERS Bobby Goldstein. That s why we ve put together the most scandalous, non stop, jaw dropping footage and made it available on DVD. We don t discriminate when it comes to couples caught in their home, at a cheap motel, in a dark alley, or in the backseats of their cars, Goldstein points out. The cameras just keep rolling through the incredible pain, grief, anger, confusion and aggression. And on some occasions, we ve had to continue filming while the cheating couple continues their bedroom shenanigans.

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Brittany Caon, Kristen Walker, Tanicia Johnson, Drew Clover, Chase Mclendon, Amanda Greyson, Isis Draper and Renee Trudgett

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Season 1

Cindy; Charlotte

A woman is suspicious of her partner's strange behaviour.

Air Date:

Ed; Norma

A man is concerned about his partner staying out late.

Air Date:

Tammy; Renee

A man suspects his wife of having an affair with his best friend.

Air Date:

Tony, Cindy; Derick, Taylor; Christina, Ceasar

A bride-to-be is worried about suspicious phone calls.

Air Date:

Lauren; Margie

A woman suspects her husband-to-be of being unfaithful with her best friend.

Air Date:

Juanisha; Chance

A woman finds evidence of her partner's betrayal, and a couple's engagement is threatened by suspicions of infidelity

Air Date:

Alan; Willie

A man notices a change in his girlfriend's behaviour and a truck driver grows suspicious when his girlfriend keeps disappearing.

Air Date:

Charlene, Ken and Rene

A woman suspects her partner of being unfaithful while she was pregnant.

Air Date:

Jandy; Shawna

A couple who have been married for five years address their issues.

Air Date:

Johnny, Paula; Dustin, Paula; Hampton, Elena

A man detects a change in his girlfriend's behaviour, and the internet is blamed for jeopardising a couple's relationship.

Air Date:

Rose; Dustin

A man fears the worst when his partner starts behaving suspiciously and spending more time with his brother.

Air Date:

Diane; Jacob

A pregnant woman suspects her boyfriend of being unfaithful

Air Date:

Donna; Glenn

A 10-year marriage looks on the rocks when a man is suspected of being unfaithful.

Air Date:

Miguel; Brooke

A woman is suspicious of her boyfriend's strange behaviour.

Air Date:

Monica; Sue

A woman is suspicious when her partner starts behaving differently.

Air Date:

Greg; April

A man has concerns when his fiancee's best friend moves in.

Air Date:

Season 2

Aramis Kudryashov, Kristen Cone

Air Date: 2001-11-04

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Season 3

Leonel Robles, Hollie Blackhall

Air Date: 2002-09-30

Melanie Holloway, Eugene Stein

Air Date: 2002-10-07

Araseli Esparza, Kelsey McGinnis

Air Date: 2002-10-20

Marie Sullivan, Stacia Colvin

Air Date: 2002-10-27

Marie Lepak, Fred Calhoun

Air Date: 2002-11-03

Michael O' Connor, Lionel Anthony

Air Date: 2002-11-10

Mary Benn, Lisa Easter

Air Date: 2002-11-17

Panessa Jones, Michelle Brisset

Air Date: 2002-11-25

Kristopher Armstrong, Nicole Brown - Joey's 1st

Air Date: 2003-01-13

Jasmine Saleh, Vincent Starling

Air Date: 2003-01-20

Tony Zitnick, Todd Thomasson

Air Date: 2003-01-27

Andrew Collins, Vanessa Garza

Air Date: 2003-02-03

Annette Frymire, John Bausch

Air Date: 2003-02-10

Joel "Doggie" Hines, Danni Peskow

Air Date: 2003-02-17

Yazmine Franco, Brian Willard

Air Date: 2003-03-31

John Chapin, Melissa Ronquillo

Air Date: 2003-04-07

Jeremy Rogers, Nicole Bradley

Air Date: 2003-04-14

Matthew Talamini, Dwayne Wilson

Air Date: 2003-04-21

Sandra Mattei, Allen Williams

Air Date: 2003-04-28

Michelle Moss, Valerie Gonzalez

Air Date: 2003-05-05

Drew Clover, Meryl Gunn

Air Date: 2003-05-12

Ava Lee, Renee Trudgett

Air Date: 2003-05-19

Season 4

Tonya Jones, Brittany Caon

Air Date: 2003-09-29

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Air Date:

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Air Date:

David Hendrick, Jay Smart

Air Date: 2003-10-20

Lacy Dawson, Isis Draper

Air Date: 2003-10-27

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Season 5

Andy Wilkins, Judith Hughes

Air Date: 2004-10-02

Dave Hauser, Maribel Jasso

Air Date: 2004-10-09

Ethan Roberts, Juan Cavala

Air Date: 2004-10-16

Jonathan Daniels, Myra Aguilera

Air Date: 2004-10-24

Michael Loflin, Robert Marisol

Air Date: 2004-10-30

Kyra Zeigler, Cameron Spaulding

Kyra Zeigler finds her boyfriend in the shower with another woman. Kyra is a young woman who knows what love is, and what she wants from love. She found that in Jonathan, who gives her what she needs and makes her feel like a woman. Kyra remembers the first year of her relationship with Jonathan as the best year, full of a lot of fun and without worries. In the beginning, Kyra felt like everything bad around her would disappear when Jonathan was around. She felt like it was so perfect, she couldn’t ask for anything more. The second year Jonathan moved in with Kyra, and she thought they maybe saw too much of each other. The first thing he noticed was that Jonathan treated her as if she wasn’t as important as she used to be, and secondly, Jonathan always had better things to do. Kyra noticed he acts a little more stand-offish than he used to. Jonathan used to like her company, and tell Kyra she was the most important thing to her, now he barely wants to talk to her. Their intimacy is wearing thin, and they’re spending less time in bed together, but Kyra chalked it up to the longevity of their relationship. Kyra doesn’t know if she can make it through a breakup, even thought she needs him to open up. Bearing her heart to Cheaters, Kyra makes the decision to look at the surveillance footage Detectives compiled after several weeks of investigation. Kyra catches Jonathan in the shower, and his new girl in the bed, but she wants to be done with him. Kyra’s brother comes to console her. Cameron Spaulding dresses down her costumed boyfriend. Cameron is a romantic at heart. She knows that love happens the first time you see a person. Cameron believes she fell in love with her boyfriend the night they met. She saw him in a different light when he told Cameron he wanted to be with her, and, at that moment, Cameron knew he was the one. Cameron admits that she loves her boyfriend to death, and he is a great guy when he makes the effort. After two years of dating, Cameron wants her boyfriend to ask her to marry him. They have talked about it several times. In the past three months or so, Cameron has noticed her boyfriend’s strange behavior becoming more prevalent in his daily routines. He has acted weird, and Cameron says he even began refusing her in bed. Their conversations have grown shorter, and sometimes they stop speaking for several days. When Cameron hears “I love you” from her boyfriend, it seems like he means it less and less every time. Cameron doesn’t feel love from her boyfriend, she feels like he’s not there, he’s checked out. She doesn’t know how to stop him from running away like this; Cameron is hurt over and over again when she doesn’t know where he is. Cameron asks Cheaters to find out what is going on with her boyfriend so she can attain closure. Detectives find the young man in the arms of a new woman after several days of waiting. In due time Cameron sees the necessity of bringing in professional help, and she decides to confront her boyfriend. After the ladies duke it out, Cameron leaves with the crew, renewed in her quest for true love.

Air Date: 2004-11-01

Gabe Teague, Serita Bronwyn

Air Date: 2004-11-14

Chris Caryle, Crystal Day

Air Date: 2004-11-21

Fred Epstein, Contance Washington

Air Date: 2004-11-28

Robert Black, Robert Grishem

Air Date: 2005-01-16

Michael Faught, Irene Carrizales

Air Date: 2005-01-23

Robin Smythe, Shadelle Gomberg

Air Date: 2005-01-30

Chloe Swain, Monica Munson

Air Date: 2005-02-06

Nikki Simms, Lilly Renaldo

Air Date: 2005-02-13

Oscar Kopekne, Marcia Johnson

Air Date: 2005-02-20

Lynn Parker, Derrick Jameson

Air Date: 2005-02-27

Prince Slater, Veronica Castillo

Air Date: 2005-04-16

Kimberly Woodward, Tracey Kiltner

Air Date: 2005-04-23

Damien Borchardt, Chris Giedon

Air Date: 2005-04-30

Michael Jurgeon, Sharonda Holloway

Air Date: 2005-05-07

Shelby Baker, Sarah Salich

Air Date: 2005-05-14

IIiana Sanchez, Dan Newburry

Air Date: 2005-05-21

Season 6

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Season 8

Season 9

Angela Tollin - Kari Ivy

Angela Tollin discovers why her boyfriend enjoys his long hours at work. When Angela Tollin first met her boyfriend, it was love at first sight. Over the past few months, things haven't felt right in the relationship. Angela's boyfriend doesn't make her feel like she is wanted any more. He is routinely getting on the computer in the middle of the night. Angela checked the history on the computer, finding he was a member of a 30's singles chat room. Angela feels foolish for defending him to her family. Worried that her boyfriend is selling more than just cars, Angela calls on Cheaters' Detectives for help. Two weeks later Angela's suspicions are confirmed, and CHEATERS gives her the opportunity to confront her fears. Kari Ivy finds out that her boyfriend plans to take his relationship to the next level… too bad it’s with someone new. Kari Ivy had and instant connection when meeting her boyfriend Brandon Cross. About a year ago, Kari noticed a change in his character. Ms. Ivy is afraid that with her strong work ethic, she may be over powering Brandon. The couple sleeps in different beds, and it's becoming useless for the two to communicate. Kari feels like she has been dragged down from all the negativity. She has gotten on antidepressants in order to cope with the situation. Wanting to know what she did wrong, Kari contacts Cheaters for assistance. Detectives shortly find Mr. Cross managing his time around another woman. Kari confronts her two timing boyfriend at a "Trapt" concert with his new fiancé.

Air Date: 2008-09-22

Season 13

Episode 1

Air Date: 2012-09-17

Season 21

Episode 1

Air Date: 2020-10-19

Episode 2

Air Date: 2020-10-26

Episode 3

Air Date: 2020-11-03

Episode 4

Air Date: 2020-11-10

Episode 5

Air Date: 2020-11-17

Episode 6

Air Date: 2020-11-09

Episode 7

Air Date: 2020-11-10

Episode 8

Air Date: 2020-11-11

Episode 9

Air Date: 2020-11-12

Episode 10

Air Date: 2020-11-13

Episode 11

Air Date: 2020-11-16

Episode 12

Air Date: 2020-11-16

Episode 13

Air Date: 2020-11-17

Episode 14

Air Date: 2020-11-18

Episode 15

Air Date: 2020-11-09

Episode 16

Air Date: 2020-11-20

Episode 17

Air Date: 2021-02-01

Episode 18

Air Date: 2021-02-08

Episode 19

Air Date: 2021-02-15

Episode 20

Air Date: 2021-02-22

Episode 21

Air Date: 2021-05-10