Aqua Teen Hunger Force

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The surreal adventures of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock and Meatwad, and their human nextdoor neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski.


Baffler Meal

Space Ghost's talk show is invaded by three life-sized fast food items from a place called Burger Trench. They are known as the Aqua Teen Hunger Force. They soon proceed to throw the show into total chaos.

Air Date: 2003-01-01

Baffler Meal


The episode parodies the 2007 Bomb scare. "Boston" was pulled by Turner Legal to avoid further controversy surrounding the incident. It was leaked online in 2015. It is the only episode of the series that was never formally released.

Air Date: 2015-01-31

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

An action epic that explores the origins of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force (better known as Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad,) who somehow become pitted in a battle over an immortal piece of exercise equipment.

Air Date: 2008-03-30


The Mooninites and the Plutonians have at it!

Air Date: 2005-12-06

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Deleted Movie

An alternate version of the Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters containing many deleted scenes and plot lines. Included in the ATHFCMFFT DVD release

Air Date:

San Diego Comic Con

Master Shake let San Diego Comic Con know all about the new shows he's going to star in.

Air Date:

San Diego Comic Con 2

Master Shake tries (and fails) to bust a rhyme about the new Adult Swim shows before being interrupted by the Mooninites with news of Spacecataz.

Air Date:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Responds To The Critics

The cast of Aqua Teen Hunger Force respond to the critics of their new movie.

Air Date:

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Television

Air Date:

Rabbot - The Original Cut

The original rough cut version of the pilot episode "Rabbot". Originally stealth aired on December 30 2000, six months prior to the launch of Adult Swim.

Air Date:

Assisted Living Dracula

In "Bus of The Undead" (season 1 episode 3), Master Shake is watching a b-grade horror movie called "Assisted Living Dracula." The movie (all 1 minutes 22 seconds of it), is included as an Easter Egg in Disc 2 of the ATHF DVD Volume 1

Air Date:

Adult Swim Kids Presents: Revenge of the Mooninites

An April Fool's version of the episode Revenge of the Mooninites, with children dubbing all the voices and changes made to the script and animation to remove the naughtier elements.

Air Date: 2021-04-01

Season 1

The first season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States. Season one unofficially started on December 30, 2000 with the unannounced stealth airing of "Rabbot" on Cartoon Network. Season one officially began one week after the official launch of Adult Swim, on September 9, 2001 with "Escape from Leprechaupolis", and ended with "Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future" on December 29, 2002, with a total of eighteen episodes. This season focuses on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. Season one marks the first appearance of the main characters, and several recurring characters as well. Episodes in season one were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and have either a TV-14 or a TV-PG parental rating. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, which is later continued in later seasons. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media, including on demand streaming on Netflix.


Dr. Weird proclaims he has obtained the funds to build a Rabbot to solve the world's "vegetable problem". Dr. Weird tells Steve to spray it in the eyes with French perfume and after the spraying, the Rabbot gets annoyed and escapes the lab.

Air Date: 2000-12-30


Escape from Leprechaupolis

Leprechauns use Dr. Weird's Rainbow Machine to mug people from afar, apparently for shoes. Although they don't end up with anything more than a gold chain, a Banarama tape with no case and rollerskates.

Air Date: 2001-09-09

Escape from Leprechaupolis

Bus of the Undead

Dr. Weird creates a mutant moth/human called Mothmonsterman, but it flies out of the giant hole left by Rabbot and flies toward the Aqua Teen's house, craving the bright light it sees coming from within. When the light is switched off, Mothmonsterman does everything in his power to frighten Master Shake into turning it back on.

Air Date: 2001-09-30

Bus of the Undead

Mayhem of The Mooninites

Air Date: 2001-10-14

Mayhem of The Mooninites


Meatwad gets new electric powers thanks to Shake's shenanigans, which make everyone hate him because they either die or get hurt when they're near him. But it's stil useful for getting revenge on Shake.

Air Date: 2001-12-23


Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto

Frylock attempts to make contact with aliens and is successful... but there's only two problems. First, the aliens want to take over Earth, and second, they're too stupid to pull it off.

Air Date: 2002-04-07

Space Conflict from Beyond Pluto

Ol' Drippy

Shake makes a large mess in the kitchen and refuses to clean it, eventually resulting in the formation of a new lifeform which Meatwad gleefully names "Ol' Drippy". Shake becomes jealous of the attention that the new character receives.

Air Date: 2002-04-21

Ol' Drippy

Revenge of The Mooninites

The Mooninites are back and this time they've got a belt that gives them superpowers from the band Foreigner.

Air Date: 2002-05-05

Revenge of The Mooninites

MC Pee Pants

Subliminal messages in the music Meatwad has been listening to draw the team to a warehouse, where they find out that rap artist behind the music is actually a giant spider.

Air Date: 2002-05-19

MC Pee Pants

Dumber Dolls

Meatwad gets a new doll, Happy Time Harry, which has a dreadfully bitter and jaded personality. Happy Time Harry's time is up when his negativity begins to affect everyone.

Air Date: 2002-11-03

Dumber Dolls

Bad Replicant

Master Shake is kidnapped by returning characters Emory and Oglethorpe. The two aliens replace him with a "replicant", but Frylock and Meatwad soon realize that the Shake "replicant" doesn't resemble Shake at all.

Air Date: 2002-11-10

Bad Replicant


Master Shake sells Meatwad to the circus, but when Meatwad becomes a huge big top success, Shake gets jealous and tries to get in on the act. It's a battle of the freaks!

Air Date: 2002-11-17


Love Mummy

Frylock discovers a mummy in the crawlspace under the house. The mummy begins to exhort his bratish favors from Frylock by threatening him with an ancient Egyptian curse.

Air Date: 2002-11-24

Love Mummy

Dumber Days

Meatwad's brain is discovered to be nothing more than a toy with a jingle bell in it. After Meatwad goes through a brief depression, Carl gets him a new live brain against Frylock's will. With his new brain, Meatwad begins to grow smarter and larger.

Air Date: 2002-12-01

Dumber Days


While looking up teeth conspiracies (and Metallica) on the internet in Frylock's room, Shake and Meatwad make various popup windows appear in Frylock's room which start to spread throughout the house.

Air Date: 2002-12-08



Shake is missing his Personal Digital Assistant. The gang proceeds to look in the Adirondack mountains and in Carl's pool for it, until finally they confront the thief. If he IS a thief. Or maybe Shake's just greedy and wants his PDA.

Air Date: 2002-12-15


Mail Order Bride

As a Christmas present to themselves, Shake and Carl split the cost of a mail-order bride from Russia. Unfortunately, once she gets a look at her new "husbands" she freaks out and locks herself in Carl's house, leaving Carl stuck outside.

Air Date: 2002-12-22

Mail Order Bride

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future

Carl is visited by the Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future and learns that his house is built on an elfin graveyard, thus causing his pool to fill with blood. Then the Cybernetic Ghost Of Christmas Past From The Future recounts a long story about the first Christmas.

Air Date: 2002-12-29

Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
Season 2

The second season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season two started on May 25, 2003 with "Super Birthday Snake" and ended with "The Last One" on December 31, 2003, with a total of twenty four episodes. This season continues to focus on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. With twenty four episodes, season two is the longest season of the series so far. Episodes in season two were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and have either a TV-14 or a TV-PG parental rating. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, including the season finale "The Last One" which features the return several guests from the first two seasons, who have reprised their roles. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media.

Super Birthday Snake

Meatwad asks for a bunny for his birthday, but Master Shake gets him the wrong gift... a snake! Frylock accidentally kills Meatwad and Master Shake after the snake eats them. Free from his friends, Frylock takes up a life of crime and sex.

Air Date: 2003-05-25

Super Birthday Snake

Super Hero

Master Shake decides to become a superhero named "The Drizzle". In his attempt to be noticed, he douses himself in toxic waste, hands out "Drizzle Phones" and orders a costume.

Air Date: 2003-06-01

Super Hero

Super Bowl

After Meatwad finds two Super Bowl tickets inside a bag of chips, everyone tries to get on his good side in order to claim the second ticket. Soon the contest goes to Meatwad's head and he tries to take advantage of Carl and Shake.

Air Date: 2003-06-08

Super Bowl

Super Computer

Frylock invents a new, ridiculously advanced super computer but Shake's incompetence sends it careening into Carl's house. Frylock builds another one but the advanced technologies involved accidentally send the machine back in time!

Air Date: 2003-06-15

Super Model

Master Shake comes back from a trip to Guatemala with a new nose. With his new-found "beauty", Shake sets out to make himself the best damn looking person in the world.

Air Date: 2003-06-22

Super Spore

While The Aqua Teens are chilling in Carl's Pool one day, an alien tentacle reaches out and grabs Shake. The alien uses Shake as his method to speak with the others. The problem is, the alien only speak Japaneses. The alien is also not housebroken. Frylock takes it upon himself to civilize this new comer from space.

Air Date: 2003-06-29

Super Sir Loin

Meatwad goes on a hunger strike "For the Shorties" due to the subliminal messages in Sir Loin's new album. However, he doesn't stop there, ravaging all the food in the house for Sir Loin's "Hunger Drive". Something seems strangely familiar.

Air Date: 2003-08-31

Super Squatter

When Shake forgets (or decides not) to pay all the bills, all the utilities and accessories get cut off. Instead of paying the bills himself, Frylock decides to teach Shake a lesson and leaves the house with any type of utility. Shake simply takes refuge in Carl's house.

Air Date: 2003-09-07

The Meat Zone

Somehow, Meatwad develops an amazing ability to see the future upon touching someone. Shake decides to exploit him for loads of money while Frylock is out to prove its all fake.

Air Date: 2003-09-14

Super Trivia

Sick of losing every week at team trivia to his arch enemy, Wayne the Brain, Frylock decides to up his game. He subjects Shake and Meatwad to his special kind of tutoring and drag Carl along for the ride.

Air Date: 2003-09-21

Universal Remonster

Emory and Oglethorpe pay the Aqua Teens another visit, only this time they decide to steal their cable using the Fargate, and control what they're watching using the Universal Remonster.

Air Date: 2003-09-28

Total Re-Carl

Frylock's new invention inadvertently destroys Carl's body leaving only an infuriated head. Frylock decides to rebuild Carl's body by any means necessary which includes grave robbing and robot building.

Air Date: 2003-10-05

Revenge of the Trees

With a huge vat of oil left over from his Labor Day feast, Shake creates a foul environment in the Aqua Teen's front lawn. With the help of Carl, the two dump the oil in the woods, but pay a hefty price in return.

Air Date: 2003-10-12

Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary

Shake puts together a metal version of the "Birthday Song" hoping to cash in on the royalties. But, when Zakk Wylde come looking for his cut of the money, things go all wrong for Shake.

Air Date: 2003-10-19

The Shaving

It's Halloween at the Aqua Teen headquarters and a monster comes down from the get his mail. Much to his chagrin, the monster is unable to scare anyone - until he reveals a gruesome secret.

Air Date: 2003-10-26


Shake uncovers a delicious, demoniacally possessed submarine sandwich in his front yard. A voice tells him if he eats the whole thing, he will be killed. Shake must battle the Last Temptation of the Broodwich or lose his life.

Air Date: 2003-11-02

Kidney Car

With his prized car destroyed, Carl is left with no choice but to donate it to the Kidney Foundation. In a bad twist of fate, the Kidney Foundation donates the car to Meatwad.

Air Date: 2003-11-16

The Cubing

The Wisdom Cube claims to hold all the known knowledge in the universe, but it seems he only possesses a knack for tiresome anecdotes. Frylock has his doubts if this is all for real.

Air Date: 2003-11-23

Frat Aliens

DP and Skeeter, fraternity brothers from outer space, get lost along the way back home and crash on earth. They quickly become unwanted and Skeeter pulls out but leaves DP behind to be handled by the Aqua Teens.

Air Date: 2003-11-30

The Clowning

Carl gets a new head of hair and doesn't wait to show it off to the Aqua Teens. However, when the hair begins to make Carl act strangely, Frylock fears the worst. Carl's been clowned!

Air Date: 2003-12-07

The Dressing

While sitting down to eat their Thanksgiving dinner one week after Thanksgiving, the Aqua Teens are interrupted by a robotic turkey who is determined to save their turkey and take it back in time in the time rift.

Air Date: 2003-12-23


After Shake's antics finally push him too far, Frylock leaves the Aqua Teen's house. Without Frylock around to hold him back, Shake lays waste to the house and tortures Meatwad as he never has before. Carl soon feels the effects of not having Frylock around.

Air Date: 2003-12-21

The Cloning

After breaking one too many TVs, we learn that Frylock has been cloning them the entire time. The newest TV seems a bit off, and they find a new use for the cloning machine.

Air Date: 2003-12-31

The Last One

Several of the Aqua Teens' enemies gather on the moon to plot their next move. After a long while, things don't seem to progress and all that has been managed are the deaths of half the members.

Air Date: 2003-12-31

Season 3

The third season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season three started on April 25, 2004 with "Video Ouija" and ended with "Carl" on October 24, 2004, with a total of thirteen episodes. This season continues to focus on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. Season three is the only season to feature Spacecataz cold opens, in place of Dr. Weird and Steve. In season three the cold openings featuring Dr. Weird and Steve, were replaced with clips from the failed pilot Spacecataz, a potential spin-off of Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Episodes in season three were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and have TV-14 parental rating. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, which continues a practice used in past seasons. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media.

Video Ouija

Meatwad's new video game allows him to contact the dead. But by the time Shake commits suicide in order to haunt the Video Ouija realm himself, Meatwad has already lost interest in digital seances.

Air Date: 2004-04-15

Unremarkable Voyage

When Meatwad eats a very important microchip, Frylock must shrink down to retrieve it. However, while shrunk, Shake seizes the moment to capture him and shrink Carl and Meatwad. All three of them are now at Shake's mercy.

Air Date: 2004-05-09

Mooninites 3: Remooned

The Mooninites return again, only this time to cash in a check. Seeing their cash, Meatwad and Shake both try to impress the Mooninites so they get some of the dough.

Air Date: 2004-08-15

Gee Whiz

A billboard with the face of a religious icon seems to have given Meatwad the gift of a child. Frylock doesn't trust the "pregnancy" is all it's cracked up to be.

Air Date: 2004-08-22


Shake's E-Helmet is loaded with superfluous gadgets, but somehow an add-on player piano isn't enough to satisfy his lust for convenience.

Air Date: 2004-08-29

Little Brittle

MC Pee Pants is back! Reincarnated as an old man in a retirement home, he is releasing music to get people to come visit him and, of course, Meatwad falls pray to his subliminal messages. But is there something else he wants?

Air Date: 2004-09-05


Frylock and Shake are forced to take jobs at a restaurant in the mall and leave Meatwad under the care of Carl. Frylock comes home after their first day to find Carl had ignored Meatwad completely and that Meatwad had helped himself to the medicine cabinet. Frylock then builds a robot babysitter for Meatwad.

Air Date: 2004-09-12

Mooninites 4: The Final Mooning

Meatwad has a new video game to play. Upon beating it, the Mooninites drop in to crown him the Moon Master and call on him to help them defeat a great foe.

Air Date: 2004-09-19


With a case of beer on the line, Meatwad, Carl, and Shake all battle to see who can loose the most weight. Carl uses a special candy bar to drop pounds while Frylock makes Meatwad lose weight the manual way. Shake just works to impede the others.

Air Date: 2004-09-26

Dusty Gozongas

In an attempt to bring the Olympics to New Jersey, Shake destroys the gas line. When Frylock calls the city to fix it, they send over Dusty Gonzongas, the hottest stripper from the Wild Wild Chest club thus causing plenty of tension between Shake and Carl.

Air Date: 2004-10-03

T-Shirt of the Living Dead

An ancient and all powerful T-shirt gives Meatwad amazing powers to see and know all. Meatwad uses his new powers to summon Santa Claus and a hoard of Easter Bunnies.

Air Date: 2004-10-10


When Hypno-Germs invade Shake's brain, they force him to do a number of insane things. Frylock uses Mexican jumping-beans to combat the germs in Shakes head with a theatrical spectacular!

Air Date: 2004-10-17

Spacegate World

When the Aqua Teens go to Panama City for a vacation, Meatwad leaves Carl to babysit Dewey, Vanessa, and Boxy Brown. At first, Carl thinks not having the Aqua Teens around is great, but soon realizes that hanging around the neighborhood by himself is a real drag.Meanwhile, in Panama City, Meatwad tries to start a comedy act, Frylock tries to get some action, and Shake loafs around the hotel room.

Air Date: 2004-10-24

Season 4

The fourth season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force originally aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. Season four started on December 4, 2005 with "Dirtfoot" and ended with "Carl Wash" which originally made two unannounced stealth airings on December 22, 2006 and January 7, 2007 and later made its official debut on March 25, 2007, with a total of thirteen episodes. This season continues to focus on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in New Jersey. This is the final season to air before the 2007 release Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, a feature length film based on the series. Episodes in season four were written and directed by Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, and have either a TV-14, TV-PG, or TV-MA parental rating. Almost every episode in this season features a special guest appearance, which continues a practice used in past seasons. During the airing of this season drummer Terence Yerves filed a lawsuit against Schoolly D and Cartoon Network, over claims that he had played a major role in writing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme song. This season has been made available on DVD, and other forms of home media.


Shake pretends to fall down a well, where he meets the legendary New Jersey monster known as Dirtfoot.

Air Date: 2005-12-04

Boost Mobile

Shake sells himself out to Boost Mobile, and now is forced to endlessly plug the service.

Air Date: 2005-12-11

Star Studded Xmas Spectacular

Master Shake reviews deleted scenes from the upcoming Aqua Teen movie.

Air Date: 2005-12-18


Carl suffers the consequences for ordering fast food at Wong Burger. Apparently, the owner Mr. Wong has a diabolical plan.

Air Date: 2006-10-22


Frylock creates a genetically mutated dog for Meatwad named Handbanana, who soon begins to periodically rape Carl.

Air Date: 2006-10-29

Party All the Time

Andrew W.K. guest stars in this very special episode about tragedy, courage and ultimately, redemption.

Air Date: 2006-11-26

Global Grilling

Shake purchases an environmentally unfriendly grill.

Air Date: 2006-11-19

Grim Reaper Gutters

Clips from older shows are used. The Aqua Teens talk a lot about their past experiences. Carl goes crazy after finding out that Tara the porn star is visiting the Aqua Teens. He then runs into the grim reaper who poses as a gutter salesman.

Air Date: 2006-12-17


The Mooninites get Shake and Meatwad high by burning tires. Frylock doesn't fall for this trick and later the Mooninites finally explain to him why they have been pulling all of these pranks.

Air Date: 2006-12-22

Bart Oates

Carl receives a visit from his favorite football star.

Air Date: 2006-12-10


Frylock investigates the mysterious alien antenna built atop Carl's house. What part does professional voice artist George Lowe play in the puzzle?

Air Date: 2006-12-17


Shake takes on the greatest role of his life: that of a father.

Air Date: 2006-12-22

Carl Wash

Two floating brains (calling themselves Carl) hire Meatwad to advertise their dilapidated car wash. He is unable to attract customers, so with Shake's help, they get Carl to take his car in. The brains wreck his car, gas him, and remove his brain.

Air Date: 2006-12-22

Season 5

Robots Everywhere

When the Aqua Teens are chased out of there house, Carl tries to sell it. A bunch of robots move in and they are annoying Carl, and Carl is doing everything he can to stop them.

Air Date: 2008-01-20


When a trio of sirens move in, their wanton songs pique Carl's attention.

Air Date: 2008-01-27

Couples Skate

The Aqua Teens must either escape the spider cocoons their landlord Marcula has trapped them in, or pay the rent they owe him, while Carl gets a new neighbor, a huge demon named Paul who is going through a difficult custody battle.

Air Date: 2008-02-03


Carl's new male enhancement device produces some unsavory side effects.

Air Date: 2008-02-10

Hoppy Bunny

Carl's home becomes a haven for furries.

Air Date: 2008-02-17

Laser Lenses

Master Shake's megalomania soars to new heights once he steals Frylock's laser-shooting contact lenses.

Air Date: 2008-03-02

Dummy Love

A murderous ventriloquist dummy finds out that his favorite internal organ is the heart.

Air Date: 2008-03-09

The Marines

When Meatwad unwittingly enlists the Aqua Teens into the Marine Corps, Frylock flees the country.

Air Date: 2008-03-16

Bible Fruit

Frylock decides to party with some friends he met through a social networking website.

Air Date: 2008-03-23


The Aqua Teens go to Boston for making a lightshow.

Air Date: 2015-01-31

Season 6

Gene E.

Master Shake discovers a genie at the dump who promises to grant wishes, but instead turns the Aqua Teens invisible. After inadvertently killing him, they discover a shrunken Carl. Meatwad and Frylock try to restore their visibility, while Carl and Master Shake use their cursed states to spy on women.

Air Date: 2009-03-29

Shake Like Me

Master Shake is bitten by a radioactive black man and becomes black. Boxy Brown trys to make him a super star.

Air Date: 2009-04-05

She Creature

A strange monster is inhabiting Carl's pool, and the Aqua Teens attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery. It turns out to be a mermaid, who has sex with Carl, Frylock, and Meatwad, who all explode as a result of being impregnated by the mermaid. Master Shake, meanwhile, does not explode, despite describing his supposed sexual encounter with the mermaid to no one, as they have exploded. Special Guests Vincent Pastore provides the voice of Terry (uncredited) and Dana Swanson as the She Creature

Air Date: 2009-04-12

Chick Magnet

Shake buys a magnet to attract women from a TV commercial. Shake does not put in a screw that came with the magnet, so it merely brings out the feminine side of the Aqua Teens.

Air Date: 2009-04-19

The Creature From Plaque Lagoon

Meatwad and Shake are set out to capture the Tooth Fairy.

Air Date: 2009-04-26

Time Machine

Frylock builds a time machine, but things don't go according to plan.

Air Date: 2009-05-03

2-And-A-Half Star Wars out of 5

A Pink Man tries to blow up the moon. Features a full-fledged orchestral score.

Air Date: 2009-05-10

Fry Legs

Frylock begins acting strangely after falling in love with a girl.

Air Date: 2009-05-17

Der Inflatable Fuhrer

Frylock takes up some side work.

Air Date: 2009-05-24

The Last Last One Forever and Ever

The Aqua Teens find out that there is a fire in the water. This is a live-action episode, starring T-Pain as Frylock and H. Jon Benjamin as Master Shake.

Air Date: 2009-05-31

Season 7

A PE Christmas

The Aqua Teens are going to release a Christmas album, but first, they have to steal an identity!

Air Date: 2009-12-13

Rabbot Redux

After moving into their new crib, the Aqua Teens re-unite with some old friends.

Air Date: 2010-02-07


Carl starts raking used condoms onto the Aqua Teens' yard, giving Frylock the idea to make a duck out of them. Meatwad accidentally brings him to life but unfortunately finds him to be a bad role model.

Air Date: 2010-02-14


Master Shake builds a pinball machine designed after himself. He runs out of pinballs, and the Aqua Teens travel to Death Island to collect pinball eggs from a flightless bird.

Air Date: 2010-02-21


Meatwad is terrified of the monsters living in the house, so Frylock tries to help him come to terms with it. Shake tries to make things worse.

Air Date: 2010-02-28

Hands on a Hamburger

The Aqua Teens compete in a contest at a suspiciously-familiar burger chain, unaware that they are pawns in Dr. Wongburger's latest scheme.

Air Date: 2010-03-28

I Am a Pod

A pod attempts to replicate Shake and then follow Chickenfoot on the road.

Air Date: 2010-04-04


Guest stars the Insane Clown Posse.

Air Date: 2010-04-04

Multiple Meat

Master Shake cuts Meatwad into pieces as punishment for a crime neither can remember, only to find every chunk retains his consciousness.

Air Date: 2010-04-11

Kangarilla and the Magic Tarantula

Master Shake and Frylock become addicted to a cell phone game which is unfortunate timing for the ghosts that haunt them since cell phones kill the ghosts.

Air Date: 2010-04-18

Larry Miller Hair System

Larry Miller gives Carl a glimpse of what his life would be like...with HAIR!

Air Date: 2010-04-25

One Hundred

The 100th episode. Plot revolves around a parody of the Mayan '2012' prophecy and the '23' Enigma. Dana Snyder breaks character to get syndication money. The second half is a parody of the old Scooby Doo cartoon.

Air Date: 2010-05-02

Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1

Allen, Part One

Master Shake awakens to a surprise after a stint in a hyper-sleep chamber.

Air Date: 2011-05-08

Allen, Part Two

Master Shake faces the future ruler of Earth.

Air Date: 2011-05-15

The Intervention

Carl must face the consequences of his drinking.

Air Date: 2011-05-22

Freedom Cobra

Master Shake gets a tattoo that is alive and controls him.

Air Date: 2011-06-05

The Creditor

Shake encounters financial woes that could have disastrous results.

Air Date: 2011-06-12


A vampire virus devastates the world, but the guys may have a cure.

Air Date: 2011-06-19


Frylock gets a smartphone.

Air Date: 2011-06-26

Jumpy George

Shake and Carl date the same woman simultaneously.

Air Date: 2011-07-10


Shake's lasagna tempts Carl.

Air Date: 2011-07-17

Last Dance For Napkin Lad

It's all cloaks and daggers until somebody gets hurt. And someone will!

Air Date: 2011-07-24

Aqua Something You Know Whatever

Big Bro

Not much is known yet, other than Frylock is playing with Gerald, a nine year old kid, presumed to be Carl's son, and they are building a soap-box derby racer reminiscent of 2 Wycked, when Carl breaks down and destroys it. It is then that Gerald's mother pulls over in the car, presumed to be a hooker Carl knocked up.

Air Date: 2012-05-20

Chicken and Beans

Meatwad indulges into projectile vomiting while performing on stage with Frylock. This instantly makes him a viral hit on the Internet, giving him fame and fortune, a new band, and a massive ego.

Air Date: 2012-07-01

Shirt Herpes

Shake gets a mythical shirt that takes him back to the land of dragons where he rules as their king.

Air Date: 2012-07-08

Rocket Horse Jet Chicken

Meatwad writes and draws a graphic novel about him performing surgery, in hopes that Shake will write a promotional blurb about it.

Air Date: 2012-07-15

The Granite Family

Shake is offered a tour to the White House, however, he wanders off into the president's office and causes a potentially apocalyptic missile strike on the Earth in order to recreate his favorite televison series, The Granite Family. The Aqua Somethings require safety so they go with Carl in his bomb shelter.

Air Date: 2012-07-22


Master Shake bets on the house for pro-football, causing chaos with Shake as Terry and his assistant try to kill him.

Air Date: 2012-07-29

Fightan Titan

The Aqua Somethings must assemble and pilot an ancient, giant robot to defeat an old foe.

Air Date: 2012-08-05

Buddy Nugget

Frylock's revolutionary social networking device summons a pre-release party of staggeringly douchebaggy proportions.

Air Date: 2012-08-12

Zucotti Manicotti

Meatwad is visited by his favorite puppet star.

Air Date: 2012-08-19

Totem Pole

A heavy metal band has a strange request.

Air Date: 2012-08-26

Aqua TV Show Show

Aqua TV Show Show (or ATSS) was the alternative title given to the tenth season of the animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. The tenth season aired in the United States on Cartoon Network's late night programming block, Adult Swim. The season started on August 11, 2013 with "Muscles" and ran for a total of ten episodes. This season focused on the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live next door to Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in the fictional location Seattle, New Jersey, which is completely identical to their other previous homes seen in past seasons. In episode 6 the skyline of Philadelphia is displayed in the background.


Shake decides to get into shape by drinking an illegal fitness beverage after a health scare.

Air Date: 2013-08-11

The Dudies

Carl helps Shake train for the title of 'Coolest Dude Ever.

Air Date: 2013-08-18

Merlo Sauvignon Blanco

Shake must attend an intervention for his crippling addiction to shellfish.

Air Date: 2013-08-25

Banana Planet

The Teens answer a distress signal from the mysterious Banana Planet while Master Shake is preoccupied with a honeybaked ham.

Air Date: 2013-09-08

Working Stiffs

Meatwad and Master Shake must earn money to get the cable turned back on by doing the unthinkable.

Air Date: 2013-09-15


Master Shake joins a drum circle. The Aqua backyard is home to yet another screaming specter summoned through the power of bongo beats.

Air Date: 2013-09-22


Master Shake falls for the perfect woman.

Air Date: 2013-09-29


Storage Zeebles

Carl buys the contents of a storage unit to make a quick buck, and he comes across an amazing discovery.

Air Date: 2013-10-06

Piranha Germs

On a very special Aqua TV Show Show, we explore the deadly potential of viral marketing.

Air Date: 2013-10-13


Emory and Oglethorpe emerge from hypersleep only to learn that the duplicitous Mooninites have enslaved their entire race, the Plutonians. In order ease their boredom, the capricious Ignignokt and Err instruct Emory and Oglethorpe to investigate a living spaceship that is said to be carnivorous.

Air Date: 2013-10-20

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever

In this final installment of the fantastic adventures of Meatwad, Master Shake, Frylock and Carl, a court ruling has made divorce illegal in America. Heavily-armed, unhappy couples across the continent are tearing each other apart, and it's up to Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever to give them the marriage counseling they need.

Mouth Quest

Air Date: 2015-06-21

Brain Fairy

Shake and Meatwad investigate the DMV when a particular driving instructor draws suspicion.

Air Date: 2015-06-28

The Hairy Bus

Air Date: 2015-07-12

Sweet C

Carl is shrunk down in size in order to infiltrate Frylock's beehive and determine why the bees have stopped producing honey. Carl ignores his objective and instead becomes a tyrant who commands the obsequious bees to do his bidding.

Air Date: 2015-07-19


At long last Meatwad discovers the wonders of friendship. Unfortunately he falls in with the wrong crowd, a cocaine addicted amateur porn crew and their star actress Jubilee. Frylock races against time to prevent Meatwad from losing his virginity on film while Carl and Master Shake vie to take Meatwad's place in a kinky ménage à trois scene.

Air Date: 2015-07-26

Rabbit, Not Rabbot

After a prolonged absence Master Shake returns to his humble abode with a big new voice and an unconscious rabbit. When it is revealed that Shake and the rabbit have undergone a Freaky Friday style body swap, Frylock, Meatwad, and Carl attempt to set things right by way of public urination at the local Powerpuff Mall.

Air Date: 2015-08-02


Carl's mother battles cancer while he maxes out her credit cards.

Air Date: 2015-08-16

The Last One Forever and Ever

Aqua Teen Hunger Force take a bow in the series finale

Air Date: 2015-08-23

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Frylock and Carl use special shampoo to make themselves immortal.

Air Date: 2015-08-26